4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting A New Chain-Link Fence Installed


Getting a chain-link fence installed on your property can be a great way to replace a worn-down fence or if you're simply putting up fencing for the first time. Either way, chain-link fencing is a fantastic alternative to wood due to its durability and affordable price. In order for a new chain-link fence to be installed without any trouble, consider asking yourself the following questions before reaching out to a local fencing company.

What Height Is Best for the Yard?

Chain-link fences are generally four feet or six feet tall, allowing you to pick the height that works best for your property. With the view that chain-link offers, compared to the more private style of wood fencing, it's not necessary to choose a four-foot fence unless you're concerned over your children or animals climbing over it.

Considering the height and what would work best, along with the price, will help you choose the appropriate height. Some housing associations also have rules regarding the height of residential fencing.

Does an Old Fence Need to be Taken Down?

If you have any existing fencing surrounding your property, you'll need to consider the work involved with getting it taken down. Whether you remove it yourself or depend on the fencing company to take it down, it's a good idea to make plans ahead of time. There's also the task of getting the fencing hauled away afterwards.

How Important is Privacy?

Unlike wooden fencing, chain-link fences lack some of the privacy that you may be used to. Instead of thinking you'll need to sacrifice privacy entirely with this type of fencing, you can consider using vinyl slats in the fence or use landscaping to your advantage with tall shrubs and trees that can block out the view beyond the fencing.

What Color Should the Chain-Link Fencing Be?

Chain-link fencing comes in several colors, allowing you to pick out the style that works best with the rest of your landscaping. The most common colors used in residential fencing include black, brown, and green. With these colored fences, you'll be able to personalize your yard and get the final look you want.

When considering getting a chain-link fence installed by a company like Elrod Fence Co, it's important that you don't rush the project. Making a few preparations and asking yourself some important questions can help ensure that the fence installation goes smoothly and that you'll be satisfied with the chain-link fencing after it's been installed.


13 April 2015

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