3 Of The Biggest Misconceptions Homeowners Have About Aluminum Fencing


The fence that you place around the perimeter of your property says a lot about your home and property. This is why many homeowners have such a difficult time making a choice about the type of fence they choose. One of the choices you will come across when shopping for new fencing will be aluminum. Even though aluminum fences have a lot to offer, there are several misconceptions that can get in the way of homeowners choosing this fencing option.

Misconception: There are few choices of aluminum fence available for homeowners.

Fact: If you take a good look at the more modern fence styles that are created with aluminum, you may be surprised to see just how many different styles there are that are actually made with this material. There is a good chance you have spotted an aluminum fence and did not know it. One of the greatest aspects of aluminum alloy is how it can be molded and shaped into various forms, with different textures. This means that you could have an aluminum fence that looks just like it is created with wrought iron or even wood.

Misconception: Aluminum is too lightweight to be sturdy as a fence.

Fact: When you think of aluminum, you probably imagine aluminum metal sheeting, such as the material used as home siding or cans. However, aluminum fencing is made with heavy-gauged aluminum that is a lot more heavy than you think. In some fencing styles, aluminum is combined with steel alloys to create metal materials that are incredibly strong. Therefore, your stylish aluminum fence will be strong enough to handle the task of keeping your property protected.

Misconception: Aluminum fencing is harder to maintain than steel or wrought iron.

Fact: For years, steel and wrought iron fences have been a traditional choice. However, they are no more easy to maintain than aluminum. In fact, aluminum fencing can be painted if it starts to look outdated, will not rust when exposed to the weather, and is much more durable than what most people think. Furthermore, if one section of your aluminum fence gets damaged, it is simple to replace the affected area on your own.

When you know a little about aluminum fencing and the benefits that it can provide to the average property, it is easy to see why it is a logical choice for many homeowners. Aluminum is inexpensive, quick to install, and highly durable. If you think aluminum fencing may be a good choice for you, be sure to clarify any misconceptions you have by talking to a professional fence contractor such as Fence-It.


16 April 2015

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