Care Tips For Your Chain Link Fence


With proper care, you can expect your chain link fence to last up to 30 years or more. You not only want your fence to last, you want your chain link to be attractive as well. Care tips you can use every day help you keep your fence looking strong and attractive for as long as possible. Here are things you can do to help your chain link last.

Repair holes or pulling links

Kids climbing fences, posts being removed and reset, and even gradual wear and tear can cause the chain links within your fencing to come loose or pull apart. The gaps that are created cause added tension to pull the remaining posts inward. This can lead to an uneven fence line and compromised sturdiness in your fencing. Hire a fence contractor to inspect your chain link so they can discover and replace faulty fencing that is pulling your fence apart.

Remove trees and stumps

A tree that is growing near your chain link fence can eventually grow in and through your chain links. An offending tree can be difficult to remove on your own, but if you don't, any existing trees sprouting through your chain link will eventually warp and bend your fencing. A fence contractor can cut small and large trees out of your chain link and replace or repair any damage trees can cause. To prevent trees from growing into your fence in the future, look out for starters (small tree sprouts) and pull them immediately.

Consider adding vinyl slats

If your chain link fence is constantly under attack by children climbing it or dogs digging at it, vinyl slats may be something you should consider. These slats make it difficult to get footing in the links and also work to add additional privacy to your home. Your fence contractor can add vinyl slats to your existing fence for you to help reinforce your chain link and make it less attractive for climbing. Vinyl slats come in many colors and widths, so you can choose the privacy and style you want.

Your chain link fence is a vital part of your home, and basic care can help make this structure last for many years. Install vinyl slats, take care of trees and stumps, and perform repairs as needed by a professional fence contractor and you can enjoy your fence for its entire lifetime. These simple care tips can help your chain link last much longer, and maintain attractive appeal while doing so. To learn more about fencing, contact a business like Global Fence, Inc.


11 May 2015

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