Three Ways To Add Privacy To Your Chain Link Fence


Chain link and metal wire fencing are popular residential choices because of their low cost, durability, and quick installation. The main drawbacks of this fencing style are that it doesn't offer much privacy on its own and it isn't always as attractive as other fencing options. Fortunately, there are simple ways to address both these issues.

Natural Screening

One of the simplest ways to improve the privacy and look of your fence is with some plants. For privacy reasons, perennial evergreen plants are your best option. Just a few of the plants that fit the bill include:

  • Evergreen clematis varieties (Clematis armandii). These plants have deep green leaves year-round and white fragrant flowers in season.

  • English ivy (Hedera helix). This evergreen ivy has deep green foliage with a creamy leaf margin. It is invasive in some areas, though.

  • Boxwood (Buxus spp). This popular shrub has bright green leaves and can be trimmed to any shape desired.

By growing plants on both sides of the fence, you also solve another problem – grass growth. It can be difficult to mow and trim grass that grows right along the fence line, so a lone of bushes or vines will suppress the grass so you don't have to mow as closely.

Consider Some Slats

Privacy slats are another option if you don't want the increased yard maintenance required of a living screen. These slats come in a variety of colors and materials. Most slats are made of durable vinyl that simply slides into the chain link. There are even slats made to resemble evergreen hedges, if you want the look of plants without the upkeep.

Timber-look slats are another choice. Although more expensive than other slat options, once installed they convincingly resemble a wooden fence. This is one way to enjoy the look of a wood fence along with the durability and longevity of chain link.

Go With a Fabric Screen

This option provides excellent privacy. It also blocks the wind. Unfortunately, fabric screens aren't quite as durable as plants or slats, but they will still last many years before they need replacement. The fabric is UV resistant, which helps it last as long as possible.

These screens are typically black or dark green, although other colors are available. They attach to the fence using tension hooks, so they sit flush. Due to the loose weave that is necessary to help it withstand weathering, you can see shadows and silhouettes through fabric privacy panels.

For more information about your privacy options with a chain link fence, contact a company like Harrington & Company.


22 May 2015

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