4 Fence Materials That Will Actually Make Your Life Easier


When it comes to finishing your new building or complex, choosing the right fence to complement the overall look can be a daunting final decision. You want something that's attractive, functional and won't cost an arm and a leg. Fortunately, modern fences come in a variety of looks that are both beautiful and low maintenance for years to come. 


Vinyl fencing comes in more than just plain white residential style; you can get this wood replacement in tan or gray and in shiny or wood grain textures to simulate whichever look you require. It doesn't require repainting or touch-ups and can be easily cleaned with water, making maintenance a breeze. Non-recycled material, generally called 'virgin vinyl' is best to use, as it is a higher quality than recycled vinyl and will hold up longer. 


If you're looking for a decorative iron fencing look in an easier-to-maintain material, try aluminum instead of actual iron. Aluminum is easy to install, less expensive and won't rust. And while basic black is still a popular color, it comes in a variety of shades such as green, bronze, tan and white. Add a powder coating instead of paint for a look that won't peel or fade.  


If you're looking for the security of an iron fence, aluminum might not be the answer. In this case, consider steel as a stronger, less-costly alternative. Even less-expensive residential fencing has sufficient strength to be used for industrial purposes. Once again, opt for powder coating instead of paint for more durability and less color maintenance.  


Composites have gained popularity in residential decking, but they can be used as a low-maintenance option for fences for the same reasons: they look like wood or metal but require much less upkeep than either. Composites are traditionally made with wood fiber mixed with recycled plastic but can be found in other materials such as fiberglass, polypropylene or plastic. Unlike many of the other low-cost alternative fence products, composites can make excellent privacy fences. When choosing composite materials, be sure to work with a qualified fencing contractor since quality can vary widely. 

Whatever look you want to accomplish for your business area, there's an effective, lower-cost material that is likely to be able to fit the bill. From the faux elegance of aluminum and steel to the quaintness of vinyl and composites, modern fences are an asset that adds value and completes the look for less money than they appear to cost. Contact a company like Phoenix Fence, Co. to get a fence produced for your business.


22 June 2015

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