Installing A New Wood Fence? Learn How To Make It Last


The big problem with wood fencing is that it decays. There will eventually come a time where you need to replace your wood fence, but you will want to try to make it last as long as possible. With the proper care and maintenance, you'll be able to get some extra years out of your wood fencing. You can protect your wood fence by following these tips.

Treat Your Fence Boards

Weathering and time will cause a wood fence to look gray. This is due to the wood's natural oils gradually leaching out and the hot sun bleaching the wood.

Your local home improvement store will have a variety of treatment products that are used to protect the wood from insects and moisture. Applying a treatment every few years is a great way to preserve the wood by improving its performance and overall appearance. Treatment options range from water-repellents or sealants to prevent the oils from leaching out or water from getting in, and stains to maintain a nice color.

Use Posts That Have Been Pressure Treated

The posts of a fence will be in constant contact with the surrounding soil, which is why they need to be pressure treated to battle constant insect and moisture exposure. The process involves pushing preservatives into the posts while they are being manufactured. This will help make them resistant to rot, and it will keep the foundation for your fence intact for a very long time.

While individual sections of fence are easy to replace later on when they break, the posts are much more difficult to replace on your own. Investing in pressure treated posts will help avoid a premature costly repair.

Keep Your Fence Dry

You cannot avoid the fence getting wet from rain, but you are able to prevent it from getting wet in other ways. For example, you may have an automatic sprinkler system that soaks the fence on one of the passes over your lawn. Making small adjustments can decrease moisture exposure and prevent rotting.

Your plants can spread moisture to the fence as well. Anything organic that is leaning against your fence will cause the wood to retain moisture. Clear away bushes, vines, and other plants that will be constantly spreading moisture to the fence to prevent rot from happening.

All of these things may seem very small, but they can go a long way in preserving your fence. To find out more about fencing, contact a company like Hahn-AA Fencing.


30 June 2015

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