3 Ways To Make Chain Link Fencing More Private And Functional


Chain link fencing is an economical and sturdy boundary for your yard, but the open pattern of the fencing means that chain link doesn't offer much privacy. You also don't have as many decorating or multi-use opportunities with a chain link fence as a wood fence. However, there a few tricks you or your professional fencing company can use to make your chain link fencing more private and function without breaking the bank.

Privacy Slats

Privacy slats are strips of colored plastic that fit down through the links diagonally to form a privacy barrier. The slats are available in long rolls that you can install yourself in an afternoon by simply threading each slat down through the links. The links will hold the privacy slats stable even in high winds and the weatherproofed plastic won't warp or rot out in the elements.

The privacy slats are a good option if you need privacy all the way around your yard but don't want to replace your chain link fence. Slats do look like plastic strips weaved through chain, however, and that might not be a look that every homeowner will love. If you do like the look, privacy slats are an affordable route for you to take.

Lattice Panels

Don't need full privacy in your yard and want something a bit more visually appealing than privacy slats? Consider adding lattice trellis panels periodically around the interior of your fence. The panels can be staked into the ground parallel to the chain link fence and secured further to the actual fence itself.

Lattice panels can be used to grow climbing flowers such as roses or morning glories, which can transform your chain link fence into a charming cottage garden. The panels will then also add a small degree of privacy to the sections the trellises cover.

Lattice panels are available in classic white or in unfinished wood you can stain the color of your choosing. Wood lattice can bring out the feel of a cottage garden even more if you use an aged stain such as a golden oak.

Hanging Flower Boxes

An alternative to lattice panels is hanging long wooden or PVC flower boxes from the links in the fence. If you hang a couple of boxes vertically parallel, the boxes will serve as a partial privacy blocker while opening up your planting opportunities without using valuable yard space.

You can use the hanging boxes for short flowers, herbs, or even to create decorative displays featuring Mason jar lights and outdoor accents. For more ideas, talk to a professional like Sarasota Fence Inc.


21 October 2015

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