Bring Your Wooden Fence Back To Life With These Restoration Tips


The fence surrounding your front or back yard may be one of the first things people spot when they see your home. In order for the fencing to give the best impression possible, it is important that you take care of regular maintenance and restoration work when necessary. To get started with restoring your fence, consider the following tips for a DIY job that will work well.

Buy or Rent a Power Washer to Clean Off Grime

A common reason why your fencing may look old or in poor shape might be related to how much dirt buildup there is. To get rid of all this grime without scrubbing the fence on your own with a bucket of soap and water, try using a power washer instead.

This handy piece of equipment can cut down the time it takes to give the fence a deep cleaning and is available through buying from a hardware store or simply renting for the time needed.

Make Repairs to Any Splintered Wood

If any of the wood has splintered off or become cracked, you should address the problem right away. While splintered wood can be sanded down to be smooth again, broken planks should be removed and replaced for the best finished look.

Add Extra Stability to the Wood Posts

If the fence feels unstable when you push on it, the fence posts could be to blame. In order to give your fencing the stability it needs to stay standing, even in strong winds, you need to make sure that all the wood posts are secured. This can be done by removing the unstable post, digging deeper, and using gravel to help secure the post underground.

Replace Any Rusted Hardware and Gate Locks

Rust can be an problem for any fence that has been standing for years due to the beating it can take from rain, hail, and snow. In order to give your fence a clean look, make sure to remove and replace any hardware or gate locks that have been deteriorated by rust.

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint for a New Look

In order for your fence to look like an attractive feature on your property, it is important that the paint is not flaking away or has faded drastically. In order for your fencing to look like new again, take the time to prime and paint the fence.

As you explore all of the tips for restoring your fence to like-new condition, you will quickly see just how much of a difference these changes can make. For more information, contact professionals like Crown Fence Co. 


12 November 2015

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