Three Unique Ideas To Make Your Wood Fence Design Stand Out With Custom Features


If you want to add privacy to your home, a new wood fence can be a great investment. Not only is it an affordable way to add privacy and security but it can also give you many options for custom features. You can add decorative details, lighting, plants and other custom features to your wood fence. Here are some unique idea that you may want to consider to make your new wood fence stand out:

1. Unique Ways To Add Landscape And Exterior Lighting On Wood Fencing

Exterior lighting for your home is important to give you light at night and add to the design of landscaping. With wood fencing, you have many options to add to your exterior lighting design. For lights at the fence line, you can have post caps installed that include lights. You can also use rope lighting to add light to landscaping along the fence line. This can be hidden with wood trim features. You can also use solar energy to power this lighting with small panels installed on your fence.

2. Using Your Wood Fence To Add Shelving And Seating To Exterior Spaces

Wood fencing can also be a great way to add shelving and other features to your backyard. If you want to have more seating for this area of your home, wood benches can be built into the fence. This can also include shelving and tables to give you the outdoor entertainment area you have always dreamed of. You may also want to consider a small covered area for some of these features you add to your fence.

3. Creating A Vertical Garden And Green Space With Custom Features On Wood Fencing

You may also want to add more greenery to your yard with a wood fence. If you have a limited amount of space for planting a garden for your home, the fence can be a great place to have a vegetable garden. You can use lattices to attach climbing plants to your fence and wood planters for smaller flowers, vegetables and other plants. Your fence can be built with these features integrated into the design, or they can be removable features that you add to your fence.

These are some custom features that you may want to consider to make your wood fence stand out. If you are ready to have a new fence installed for your home, contact a fencing company and talk with them about adding some of these custom features to your fence design.  


14 January 2016

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