Tips For Keeping Your Yard's Fence In Good Condition


A fence is a common feature that is found in many properties, and while a fence can greatly increase the security of a property, it will require regular care to protect it from degrading. Unfortunately, fence maintenance is a topic that many homeowners may overlook, which can cause their fences to deteriorate rather rapidly. Fortunately, there are a couple of tips that you can utilize to make sure that your fence handles weathering as well as possible.

Protect The Fence Against The Elements And Insects

Weathering and insect damage are serious threats for wooden fences. As a result, homeowners should make it a point to have their wooden fences sealed against moisture damage and sprayed with insecticide. Sealants and pesticides can be effective at protecting a fence over the short-term, but you will need to apply these substances at least once a year. Exposure to rainwater and intense sunlight can weaken the protection the fence receives from these substances, and reapplying them is the best option for ensuring that your fence is as protected as possible against these common sources of damage. If you have health problems that will prevent you from applying these substances to your fence, it is possible to hire professional fence maintenance contractors, like those at Town & Country Fence, to perform this work for you.

Have The Fence Professionally Cleaned Yearly

In addition to having the fence sealed and treated for insects, it will be necessary to have it pressure washed at least once a year. As the year passes, molds, mildews and mosses can start growing on the exterior of the fence. If these substances are not removed, they can quickly cause the wood in the fence to start rotting because they will retain moisture. By having the fence professionally pressure washed, you can be sure that these substances are removed before they are able to cause serious damage to your fence. For the convenience of customers, many fence companies can provide pressure washing prior to applying the sealants and insecticides, and while this will add more to the cost of these services, it can be less than hiring an independent professional for this aspect of fence maintenance.

Ensuring that the fence around your property is in good condition is important for both ensuring that it stays structural sound and guaranteeing that your yard has the best appearance possible. If you have found yourself struggling with understanding what is needed to maintain a fence, making sure to keep it treated for water and insect damage as well as having it professionally cleaned once a year will help to ensure that your fence is safe from some of the more routine problems that homeowners may encounter.


2 March 2016

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