3 Ideas That Will Give You More Use From Your Wood Fencing


When you think about a wood fencing, do you think about the white picket fence around a home? You may have other ideas in mind for your fence, which are usually standard fences with a simple look. Wood fencing gives you a lot of opportunity to add functionality to the design. This can range from anything from an urban garden that covers the fence to an integrated patio and siting area, as well as many other features. Here are some ideas that will help you get the most out of your new wood fence and give it a unique design:

1. Green Coverings And Vertical Gardens With Wood Fencing

Wood fencing does not have to be plain, and you can even bring it to life by adding plants or a garden. If you want your home to have more privacy, consider using trellises to add climbing plants to your fence, which can even help give your fence more height. You may also want to consider an urban garden, which can be done by adding planters to your fence to create a vertical garden. This can be a good solution for homes with little land for plants and gardens. If you add plants to a wood fence, it is important to maintain plants, such as cutting back climbing vines and keeping the garden clean.

2. Give Your Garden Nice Seating Attached To Your Wood Fence

Do you have the problem of not having enough seating in the back yard? You might have guests and not have anywhere for them to sit outside. If you want to take advantage of your outdoor space, consider integrating seating into the design of your fence. This can be benches that are part of the fence design and add strength. You may also want to consider adding seating that matches your fence, but is located in other areas of your yard. The deck contractor can help with adding these features to your fence and other areas of your yard.

3. Integrating An Outdoor Space Into Your Fence Design

You may also want to have space outdoors for entertaining, such as a living area, patio or small covering for summer shade. This is something that can be integrated into your fence design with features like an arbor, raised patio area or both. If you want to have outdoor shade, an arbor with climbing vines can be good, this can be done easily with grape vines, which can later provide you with homemade wine in fall. A small deck surface for your patio can be created with the same wood materials you use to build your fence. Adding these features will help integrate the fence into other outdoor features.

These are some ideas that you will want to consider to give your wood fence a unique look and practical designs that you can use. If you are ready to have a new wood fence installed around your home, contact a deck contractor, like Deck and Fence Services, and talk with them about something more than the typical picket fence for your home.


3 June 2016

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