Nixing Where The Deer Eat And Play


Deer fencing can be permanent, temporary or electrifying. What kind of fencing you need to deter the buck, doe or fawn eyeing your vegetation, depends on how much space you have and any ensuing problems. Deer can jump quite high, up to about seven feet

Deer are habitual offenders. Much like humans, they learn by reinforcement. If they find that infiltrating your property reaps rewards like tasty garden food, they will keep coming back for more. If a fence barrier is constructed that prompts negative reinforcement, like an electrical shock to the nose, eventually they will learn that this property reaps painful consequences and stay away.

If deer are invading your smaller garden space, a temporary fence may fit your needs. If you are wanting to keep deer off your property for the long term, consider permanent or electrical fencing.

A Quick Fix or a Permanent Part of the Landscape?

Temporary fencing is great for seasonal raised bed or container gardens that occupy a small amount of space. Constructing fencing that you can pull up after deer season may or may not require a contractor. You may decide that you want a simple wire fence to deter deer. There are instructions online for the do-it-yourself homeowner. For electrical projects like a peanut butter fence, you will need a licensed contractor unless you are qualified to safely install it. Deer that are drawn to lick the peanut butter will get an electrical shock. Pretty soon the deer will associate the shock with the peanut butter and stay away.

Permanent fencing can be cumbersome and expensive to construct and maintain. The following are the most common types of fencing:

  • electric doesn't phase deer physically, but by negative reinforcement
  • wooden can be butted through by a determined buck on a mission to eat your vegetation
  • barbed wire can be unsightly and dangerous to animals and humans
  • brick worked for the "Three Little Pigs."

One caveat is that any permanent fence needs constructed up to 10 feet high. Depending on your property, this may not be visually pleasing to you or your neighbors who see it every day.

The fencing you choose depends on the level of behavior modification that you require to keep deer from munching your vegetation. Stubborn deer may need time to figure out that it is not worth their while to invade your property. Skittish deer may decide quickly that gardens can be a shocking experience. For assistance, talk to a professional like York Fence Co.


3 October 2016

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