Large Garden In Your Backyard And Fostering Dogs? Use Fencing To Keep Your Garden Protected


If you have a large garden in your backyard, then you know how much work and time it takes to keep it growing. If you are planning to foster some dogs until they can find a permanent home and they will often be in the back yard, you need to keep your garden protected. Below are two ways you can do this using fencing.

Rent a Fence

A fence is the best way to keep your vegetables protected. If you do not want the expense of putting up a permanent fence that you many not want later, there are companies that can rent a fence to you. You can choose to rent the fence for a long period, if needed.

These fences are generally chain link and come to you on a truck rolled up. The company will unroll the fence and install it for you. They will make sure the fence is very secure so you will not have to worry about the dogs digging under it. You can also choose the type of gate you want, such as a sliding gate or a swing gate. You will be able to choose from a variety of posts and wires to meet your budget. Consider the height of the fence as you want to make it high enough so the dogs cannot jump over it.

When you are finished with the fence, the fence rental company will come to your home and remove it for you.

Many fence rental companies give you the option of choosing screening fabric and barbed wire, if needed.

Fenced in Play Area

Because the dogs are likely not in the backyard 24/7, consider fencing in an area for them to play. The dogs could then stay inside the fence when they are in the backyard. Just make sure the fence is large enough if you have a lot of large dogs. To help prevent the dogs from digging, provide them with a lot of toys they can chew on and play with. These things will keep them occupied so they won't think about trying to get out of the fence.

If you are renting a fence, ask the fence rental company if they can erect a fenced in area for you. This would work well because you probably do not want to keep the fence there once the dogs are gone.

Contact a fence rental company like Security Rent A Fence to learn the different types of fencing and gates they have available to rent.


28 October 2016

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