3 Benefits Of An Aluminum Fence Vs. A Wrought Iron Fence


If you've been looking for the right fence material for your yard, you might have fallen in love with wrought iron fencing. You may have decided that a wrought iron fence is perfect for your yard,  but before you buy it, talk with a fence contractor and consider an aluminum fence for these reasons.

1. Aluminum is Cheaper

Even though you might like everything else about a wrought iron fence, one thing that might be holding you back from buying one is its cost. Wrought iron fencing can be quite expensive, and isn't suitable for every budget. This is particularly true if you have a lot of fence to buy, such as if you have a big yard. Aluminum is a much cheaper material than wrought iron, so it's a more budget-friendly option for those who like the idea of wrought iron, but who can't quite fit it in their budget.

2. Rust is Not a Problem

When looking at wrought iron fences, you might have noticed that they can become rusty over time. Certain things, such as painting the fence, can help with this problem. However, in general, wrought iron is prone to rust. Aluminum, on the other hand, is not prone to rust, and is actually more durable than wrought iron. For someone who is looking for a fence that is lower-maintenance than a wrought iron fence, or for someone who is worried about rust in particular, aluminum can be an appealing choice.

3. Aluminum is Lighter

If you're going to be hauling your own fence pieces and installing your fence yourself, the weight of a wrought iron fence might have you concerned. You could be wondering if you will be able to use your truck or trailer to haul something as heavy as a wrought iron fence yourself, or you could be wondering if you'll be able to handle the heavy pieces during the installation process. Even though wrought iron might be very heavy, aluminum is much lighter. You might have already noticed this while handling items that are made out of aluminum in the past. If you'd like a fence that will be easier for you to haul and handle, then it's a good idea to consider the idea of lightweight aluminum.

Don't buy a wrought iron fence without thinking about your other options. Once you begin shopping around with ideas, you might just like buying an aluminum fence for your yard instead.


14 December 2018

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