Large Garden In Your Backyard And Fostering Dogs? Use Fencing To Keep Your Garden Protected


If you have a large garden in your backyard, then you know how much work and time it takes to keep it growing. If you are planning to foster some dogs until they can find a permanent home and they will often be in the back yard, you need to keep your garden protected. Below are two ways you can do this using fencing. Rent a Fence A fence is the best way to keep your vegetables protected.

28 October 2016

Nixing Where The Deer Eat And Play


Deer fencing can be permanent, temporary or electrifying. What kind of fencing you need to deter the buck, doe or fawn eyeing your vegetation, depends on how much space you have and any ensuing problems. Deer can jump quite high, up to about seven feet.  Deer are habitual offenders. Much like humans, they learn by reinforcement. If they find that infiltrating your property reaps rewards like tasty garden food, they will keep coming back for more.

3 October 2016

3 Ideas That Will Give You More Use From Your Wood Fencing


When you think about a wood fencing, do you think about the white picket fence around a home? You may have other ideas in mind for your fence, which are usually standard fences with a simple look. Wood fencing gives you a lot of opportunity to add functionality to the design. This can range from anything from an urban garden that covers the fence to an integrated patio and siting area, as well as many other features.

3 June 2016

Tips For Keeping Your Yard's Fence In Good Condition


A fence is a common feature that is found in many properties, and while a fence can greatly increase the security of a property, it will require regular care to protect it from degrading. Unfortunately, fence maintenance is a topic that many homeowners may overlook, which can cause their fences to deteriorate rather rapidly. Fortunately, there are a couple of tips that you can utilize to make sure that your fence handles weathering as well as possible.

2 March 2016

3 Benefits Of Vinyl Fencing Over Wood


There are a number of different materials from which your fence can be constructed. Although the most common material used is wood, the choices you have are almost nearly uncountable, including plastics, iron, and vinyl. Vinyl may seem like an unusual option from which to have your fence constructed, but it is a great alternative to wood for a number of reasons. You should know the benefits of constructing your fence out of vinyl, rather than wood, before you decide to have your fence built.

1 February 2016

Three Unique Ideas To Make Your Wood Fence Design Stand Out With Custom Features


If you want to add privacy to your home, a new wood fence can be a great investment. Not only is it an affordable way to add privacy and security but it can also give you many options for custom features. You can add decorative details, lighting, plants and other custom features to your wood fence. Here are some unique idea that you may want to consider to make your new wood fence stand out:

14 January 2016